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Along with a rigorous academic education, Blessed Sacrament offers students advanced instruction in visual arts. The art program begins in our early childhood program and continues through 8th grade.

Students in lower elementary begin learning the elements of art including line, shape, color, and properties of 2 dimensional versus 3-dimensional art. During this time students are introduced to a variety of wet and dry media in conjunction with oil and chalk pastels, watercolor paint, acrylic paint, clay, and other 3-D media.

In middle school, students continue to experiment with artistic mediums such as scratchboard and printmaking as they also learn about art history and different cultural expressions of art and social justice. Students expand upon their knowledge of the properties of art including: balance, emphasis, movement, proportion, rhythm, unity, and variety; the means an artist uses to organize elements within a work of art.

Some artists and artistic movements explored are: Pablo Picasso, Robert Wyland, Piet Mondrian, Gustav Klimt, Regionalism, Impressionism, and Surrealism. Selection of artists and art movements varies from year to year to ensure a comprehensive level of art education.


Children Reading

The library at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School provides a space for students in PreK through eighth grade to develop as lifelong readers and enthusiastic learners. Library instruction fosters a culture of literacy in our school and ensures students can read more by having access to various sources of reading materials. Students can not only read for enjoyment but are also challenged to read for information.

Library Students:

  • Develop research proficiency
  • Gain information and media literacy
  • Collaborate with peers on author studies, genre investigations, etc.
  • Establish an appreciation for literature as a whole
  • Progress their critical thinking skills


The music program at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School teaches the fundamentals of music for all students. These include basic music literacy, rhythms, and notes, vocabulary, vocal development, music ensemble, playing the recorders, piano, and ukuleles.

Our students put their knowledge and practice together by performing in various performances throughout the school year.

Physical Education

Basketball Team

The physical education program at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School believes that physical fitness is an important component of leading a healthy lifestyle. Students participate in activities that are developmentally appropriate, teach lifelong fitness goals and reinforce cooperative behavior. The following are some examples of activities at each level.


  • *Develop and refine gross and fine motor skills with a variety of manipulatives
  • *Develop control moving in personal and general space


  • *Build upon their previous knowledge of manipulative skills
  • *Practice a variety of skills and play lead up games to sports
  • *Take a pre and post fitness test in the Fall and Spring
  • *Participate in a Fitness games unit that incorporates wellness and enjoyment of fitness


  • *Refine skills and build new ones
  • *Increase focus on applying skills in team and individual sport settings
  • *Take a pre fitness test in the Fall and work on goal setting for a post test in the Spring
  • *Participate in a Fitness games unit that incorporates wellness and enjoyment of fitness


Learning about and studying other cultures helps us gain a more profound understanding of our own culture and its role in the world today. Studying a foreign language helps boost creativity and assist with one’s native language as root words are derived from Latin, Spanish, and Greek.

At Blessed Sacrament, students are given the opportunity to begin exploring the Spanish language as early as three years of age. Through a strong focus on comprehensible input, students slowly begin to gain confidence in their comprehension and speaking ability.
Instruction begins in the form of song and visual aids and continues with speaking, reading, collaborating, and finally creating presentations in Spanish throughout middle school. Our Catholic identity is evident through the introduction of praying in Spanish during first grade.


Through the application of STREAM – Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics – students are encouraged to collaborate, think critically and creatively to enhance their inquiry skills. Every student at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School participates in a STREAM curriculum, as it is infused in daily subjects. Additionally, students in grades 5th-8th meet at least twice a week for formal STREAM instruction. These classes are held in our newly designed STREAM Lab. Our STREAM Lab is fully-equipped with 3D scanner printers, Chromebooks, Ozobots and Evos, 3D pens, flat screens, a Smartboard, the newest computers, and more! By exposing students to STREAM and giving them opportunities to explore STREAM-related ideas, we hope to encourage a passion for a lifetime of learning and an interest in these exciting fields.